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The UDS-2 is a user installed dodging system kit designed to replace the entire electronic and optical systems in most makes of electronic photographic contact printers.

The UDS-2 uses Velocity Modulation, upgraded by EPC to provide nine pre-selectable levels of brightness, allowing trade-offs between best dodging and highest printing speed so you can customize the output of your operation.

The Control Assembly has power supplies, deflection generators, the exposure control and exposure index electronics, and AC outlets for the printers electrical loads and safelights.

The Light Source Assembly contains the cathode ray tube, high-voltage power supply, deflection drive circuits for the yoke and the centering and focus controls.

The Control Panel Assembly displays the operating controls for the equipment.

The PMT Assembly consists of a low-noise PMT amplifier and variable-dodging circuits.

The Material Index Assembly is a meter display and control for setting sensitivity conditions against photographic materials used. This is a one-time calibration and only needs verification every few months.

WHAT WILL IT DO FOR ME? The UDS-2 will restore your electronic dodging printer, replacing the original system and its aging electronics with a new circuit design having more features and better control. With the UDS-2, your printer will offer you more choices than you ever had before, in CRTs, quick-change pluggable assemblies and installation options.

The Light Source Assembly gives you choices, to fit your needs and budget. You can get color, for rapid access or type R materials, black and white for variable contrast, and black and white for graded papers. Each CRT Assembly is fully enclosed with a face plate cover and is readily interchangeable by non-technical personnel. You can have B/W or color with only the added expense of the light source electronics.

WHAT DO I GET?  A complete electronic control system, an improved optical system, a new hood, a new front panel, and a new safe-light system, a new front door, a pressure-vacuum platen, and a step by step installation manual.



LIGHT SOURCE:  Exchangeable by an operator in less than a minute. We have two B&W types and two color types with continuing development in process.
BRIGHTNESS LEVELS:  The UDS-2 has nine levels of brightness in half stop increments, covering a four-stop range.
EXPOSURE INDEX SETTINGS:  The exposure range is 955 to 1.
DODGING CONTROLS:  Independent highlight and shadow controls covering 10 levels of dodging from dodging grade 0 to dodging grade 9 (0 to 100% dodging.) The Midtone selector allows midtone selections from 0.2 to 1.7 density units.
MATERIAL INDEX CONTROL:  Direct measure of light transmission allows precalibration and tabulation of each material and brightness setting. Simple switching between diapositives and paper prints within the same work cycle.
RASTER EDGES:  Digitally selected. A single control for each axis, left-right and front-back, with separate centering controls.
ELECTRONICS:  Predominantly cmos and linear I. C. operational amplifiers with commercial power supplies.
QUALITY OF DODGING:  Evenness of dodging is within an exposure variation of 10%. Using the masks sold by and masking techniques taught by EPC, border enhancement is negligible.
PRESSURE/VACUUM PLATEN SYSTEM:  The pressure/vacuum system, standard with the UDS-2 series, enables the user to use pressure-only when printing paper, a time saving feature. For diapositives, the combined pressure and vacuum enables superior contact.
SERVICE AND REPAIR POLICY:  Assembly construction, designed for factory repair or assembly replacement by non-electronic personnel. Setup or calibration not required. One year warranty on all parts and labor. extended warranties available.


  • 147mm f/1.9 lens for color materials and variable-contrast papers.
  • Light source assemblies: B & W for variable-contrast and graded papers and print films; Color for negative-working, rapid-access and other materials in either clear-base or orange-base films. Color for positive-working materials in print film or paper, including infrared originals.
  • Roll-paper transport interface
  • QL-1: Quick-Load film spool holders. Universal, 5 9.5 x 500
  • QLS-1: Quick-Load film spool holders. Universal, 5 - 9.5 x 500, with static reduction brushes and rollers
  • USL-1: Safelight system for EPC color printers, using solid-state lamps emitting in the low-spectral-sensitivity portion of the color material spectral response. (Not for undeveloped color or panchromatic aerial film.)
  • Image mask: Printer platen masks in three density levels; 0.6, 0.8 & 1.0




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