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You take pride in your work and the quality in your product, and you have long needed a state of-the-art contact printer that is as demanding as your standards. EPC has developed three NEW contact printers all containing the new electronics of the UDS system designed just for your type of printing requirements.

Each model offers specific capabilities and is not loaded with unnecessary extras.

  • The UCP-2 B/W: For customized black/white printing.
  • The UCP-2 C: For exceptional color and uniformity.
  • The UCP-2 ID: For maximum flexibility in index print reduction and contact prints.

NEW Automatic Hood

  • Motorized movement provides vibration-free closure.
  • Repetitive motion trauma eliminated.
  • Operable by physically-challenged individuals.

All models have a soft pressure platen, multiple light source options and repair by assembly exchange.



The UCP is an electronically-controlled system using a scanning spot on the face of a cathode-ray tube. This spot velocity is controlled by the photo sensor to cause exposure to be increased in dense areas (burning) or reduced in thin areas (dodging). By the use of variable dodging in the highlights or shadows, the degree of density range compression is within user control.



BRIGHTNESS RANGE:  Nine levels in half-stop increments.
EXPOSING SPEED:  Up to three times faster than conventional printers fitted with comparable lenses and CRTs.
EXPOSURE INDEX SETTINGS:  Full stop and tenth stop levels, enabling a 955:1 control range.
DODGING CONTROLS:  Superior quality! Dodging size down to 1/32. No self-generated artifacts. Highlight and/or shadow variable. Adjustable in 10 steps from zero dodging to maximum.
MIDTONE CONTROL:  Adjustable 0.2 to 1.7 density units, in steps of 0.1 density unit.
PHOTOSENSOR OPERATION:  Automatic PMT setting. Safety circuits prevent damage from accidental excess room light. Exceptional PMT stability.
MATERIAL INDEX CONTROL:  Direct measure of light transmission allows precalibration and tabulation of each material and brightness setting. Simple switching between diapositives and paper prints within the same work cycle.
RASTER-EDGE CONTROLS:  Digitally selected left-right and front-back raster edges. Each model is designed for material sizes up to 250mm (10) square, has variable dodging with independent control of highlight and shadow, and automatic exposure control.
ELECTRONIC DESIGN:  Predominantly cmos circuits and linear I.C. operational amplifiers.
  • Motorized hood enables vibration-free hood closure.
  • Repetitive motion trauma eliminated.
  • Operable by physically-challenged individuals.
REQUIREMENTS:  100V, 120V, 220V, 240V, 50/60Hz. Circut-breaker limited to 6 amperes at 120V, 3 amperes at 240V.


PRESSURE/VACUUM PLATEN SYSTEM:  The pressure/vacuum system, standard with the UCP-2 series, enables the user to use pressure-only when printing paper, a time saving feature. For diapositives, the combined pressure and vacuum enables superior contact.
PHOTO-SENSOR COLOR BALANCING:  Provisions for PMT color filtering to balance for color cast of material. Matches spectral response of PMT to response of material.
HIGH-CONTRAST OPTICAL SYSTEM:  Baffles and light shield minimize scattered light.
FLEXIBLE OPTICAL SYSTEM:  With a multiplicity of slotted shelf supports, a wide variety of optional lenses and light sources can be interchanged quickly and easily, allowing for optimum exposures of dupe film, reversal materials, diapositives, variable-contrast and graded papers.
OPTICS AVAILABLE:  135mm, F/4.5; 150mm, F/4.5 and 147mm, F/1.9. Lens plates for other lenses available on special order.
OPTICS AVAILABLE:  135mm, F/4.5; 150mm, F/4.5 and 147mm, F/1.9. Lens plates for other lenses available on special order.
  • Film spool holders
  • Light sources for color
    • Reversal materials
    • C-41 process films
    • Clear-base films
    • RA materials
  • Light sources for B/W
    • Blue-sensitive ortho materials
    • Variable-constrast materials
  • Indexing light source: 1/2 size reduction from 9 x 9, 2X enlarging to 9 x 9
  • Extended warranty
  • 9 x 18 format
  • Spare parts kits
    • Component level
    • Board level
    • Assembly level
SERVICE AND REPAIR POLICY:  Assembly construction, designed for factory repair or assembly replacement by non-electronic personnel. Setup or calibration not required. One year warranty on all parts and labor.
DIMENSIONS:  Width 25, Depth 33 1/4, Height 70 1/8, Weight 350 lbs.




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