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SE-IIa5”Aerial Camera

The SE-IIa is a 5” camera system used to take aerial photographs from fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. The camera mount can be mounted inside or outside of a helicopter, making it especially suited for low altitude photography as well as photogrammetry work. Both B/W and color film is used in rolls up to 150 feet and produces up to 350 exposures with an image size of 4.5” x 4.5”. There are eight fiducial marks along with other information including GPS positioning and altitude on each frame. This makes the SE-IIa suited for photogrammetry and many other type of aerial photography, including ground photography and videos.

The SE-IIa aerial system includes:

• 5” camera with vacuum system
• Camera mount which includes a digital video camera
• Control monitor.
• GPS receiver.

There are 3 Nikor lenses offered:

• 90MM F 4.5 – 64
• 120MM F 8.0 – 64
• 150MM F 5.6 – 64

The system can operate from the aircraft’s 14 or 24 V system or a rechargeable battery.

The camera is fully calibrated and a calibration data book is furnished included with each camera purchase. Either the pilot or a camera person can operate the system independently. The digital video camera displays on the control monitor what the camera sees. From the control panel on the monitor the operator sets percent overlap, the drift angle, and the other camera functions.

The camera exposure is automatic and is controlled by the percent overlap set in by the operator. The camera mount automatically controls the camera for pitch and roll of the aircraft within one-degree accuracy. Using an adaptor plate, the camera can be installed in the same position where the 9” camera was installed. Because of its small size and light weight, the SE-IIa can be used in aircraft such as the C-172 or C-182. Thus; giving the added advantage of low aircraft operating costs.

Of the three lenses offered, 90MM, 120MM and 150MM, the 120MM is recommended for photogrammetric work. With the high-resolution shorter focal length 120MM lens, the aircraft can operate at lower altitudes than a 9” camera using a 6” (153MM) lens when photographing at the same scale.

Example: At a scale of 1:12000 a 6” lens is required to be at an altitude 6000-Ft. above the ground. A 120MM lens, (4.7”) is only at 4700 Ft. so the 5” camera is 1300 Ft closer to the ground.

This means the 5” camera is not exposing through as much haze as a 9” camera. When this is coupled with the high resolution of the 120MM lens, the results can be superior to that of the 9” camera.

The advantages of using the SE-IIa camera system:

• Low cost of the camera system.
• Low cost of aircraft and aircraft operating costs.
• Low cost of camera installation into aircraft.
• Low cost of color and black/white film.
• Flight can be recorded on video tape.
• Shorter digital scanning time, (1/4 of the time of a 9” camera).
• High system resolution.
• Competitive edge when bidding for contracts.




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