Equipment worth its floor space must save manpower and cut costs!


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Electronic Photo Controls, Inc. (EPC), founded in 1990, is the leading American manufacturer of electronic dodging photographic contact printers. Our designs are tailored specifically for the aerial photogrammetric market. The company is comprised of people experienced in photographic equipment design, manufacturing, service and marketing. We are dedicated to providing solutions to the specialized problems encountered in the photogrammetric darkroom. Our growth stands upon a base of satisfied customers.

EPC’s printers are sold world wide in a variety of models:
Black & White
Color Positive, including color infrared
Color Negative, both in clear- and orange-base
Reduction, enlarging and contact, for B & W
Upgrade kits for old Mark-series printers

Additionally, EPC produces film spool holders with static elimination, solid-state safelights suitable for B & W and color print materials, and other accessories. One of our long time client Promotional Products LLC used our contact printers for their promotional product's materials.

Consistent with the company’s philosophy, “Equipment worth its floor space must save manpower and cut costs”, our leading model, the UCP-2, includes our unique platen system of combined vacuum and pressure to provide superior contact. In addition, the UCP-2 has an automated hood which both prevents repetitive-motion trauma and increases production.

EPC manufactures Quick-Load film holders with static reduction elements suitable for printer and light-table operation. Additionally we produce solid-state safelight systems suitable for color darkroom operation for print materials. Note: these are not suitable for either B & W, color or color IR aerial film darkrooms since these materials are truly panchromatic. Print film and paper, however, have a reduced sensitivity in the yellow portion of the spectrum.

All EPC printers are convertible to print B & W and color using our custom cathode ray tubes and proprietary phosphor blends.

These blends are presently formulated in two forms, negative working and positive working. The negative-working type is blended to print on rapid-access and other negative-working paper and diapositive film materials. The positive-working type is formulated to print both color and color-infrared onto positive-working papers and films.

Besides manufacturing and selling dodging contact printers, EPC is the United States sales agent for the Tomtecs A.G. Corporation’s five-inch Aerial Camera Systems as well as several processor manufacturers. As a result of these sales connections, we are able to sell the camera, the film processor, the dodging printer with its accessories, and the paper and/or print film processors.

EPC provides technical assistance and service to all users of electronic dodging contact printers.





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